Filling ‘blank/empty cells’ using data from the cell that is above the blank/empty cell



1. Select the row header (select the entire colum)
2. Press F5
3. Press Alt+S or click on “Special…”
4. Select “BLANK”
5. Click OK
(Blank cells will be selected)
6. Enter ‘=’ and select the above cell

If you wish to delete blank cells:

Follow Step 1 through to step 4 as mentioned above
Step 5. Right click on your mouse and select “Delete”
Step 6. Select “Shift cells up” or other options as required

If you wish to count all the blank cells:

In any cell that is outside your selection area type “=countblank(select your area)” ENTER

If you wish to colour all the blank cells:

1. Select your area
2. Select “Conditional Formatting” from the main menu
3. Select “Highlight cells rules”
4. Select ” More rules”
5. Under ‘Edit the rule description’ > ‘Format only cells with’ Choose ‘BLANKS’
6. Click on “Format”
7. Under FILL chose any colour of your choice
8. Click OK
9. Click OK again!

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