General ledger posting in SAP [TC F-02 & TC FB50]

There are 2 ways to post General Ledger entries in SAP

  1. Using transaction code (TC): F-02
  2. Using transaction code (TC): FB50

Differences between these two Transaction codes are:

  • TC FB50 : Dr and Cr entries are entered in one page/screen
  • TC F-02 : There are 4 different pages/screens to enter the same transaction
  • TC FB50 : Not required to specify the document type
  • TC F-02 : You have to specify the document for each entry
  • TC FB50: Simple/easy to post. Just the Dr=Amt=cost center and in the 2nd line Cr=amt=Cost center
  • TC F-02: Need to specify posting keys for each Dr and Cr account numbers.
  • In short, if you are new to SAP then post using TC ‘FB50’ and if you are thorough with SAP terms, document type and posting keys then post using TC ‘F-02’
  • In both the cases once you enter all the relevant data but before posting the entry go to the Main menu bar > select ‘Document’ > choose ‘Stimulate’ | your entry will be displayed. Take a look at your entry; if it is okay then click on the SAVE icon to post your entry
  • F-02 & FB50 are for general ledger postings only. Vendor/customer account numbers will not be allowed here.
  • For example: If one of your vendor/supplier takes a packet of ball pens from your stationary and you want to back charge him for this: Dr… Vendor/supplier a/c and Cr… Stationary a/c. For this entry FB50 and F-02 cannot be used. It won’t accept because one of the line item is a vendor account. Use TC: FB60 instead.



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