Hold Documents in SAP

Key points:

  • While posting a GL entry if you do not have all the info or if you wish to post at a later stage you can HOLD the document.
  • It is not necessary for debit and credit balances to match
  • User defines his/her own unique reference id (Alpha numeric) while holding a document
  • GL accounts are not updated/entries are not posted when you HOLD a document
  • Documents that are on HOLD Can be modified/deleted/posted


It works like this:

  • Use any of the posting methods: (TC: FB50 or F-02)
  • Enter details as though posting an entry (Doesn’t matter if debit & credit balances do not match).
  • Instead of posting you HOLD the entry. Click on the HOLD button as shown below:

  • In the next screen enter a temporary document number (your own reference) and click on ‘Hold Document’ button.
  • At a later stage whenever you are ready recall this document and edit/post/delete


Transaction Codes pertaining to HOLD Documents are:

  • FB11: Post held document.

Note: To Post a Held document enter Transaction code F-02 and in menu > Document > Get Held Document (F5). Here specify the reference number and user name and modify/post/delete the document. If you do not know the reference number then through the application menu click on document list. This will display all the documents that are held.



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