Park Documents in SAP

Who can make use of this function?

  • In SAP certain users might have limited authorization for posting an entry. For example, an accountant might have authorization to post GL entries up to USD 2,000. For any GL entry above that limit he/she can utilize this function.
  • In some cases you might need additional info for posting an entry and so you decide to park it until you get your required info on this GL. Here, the posting amount might be within your limits but since you are waiting for some additional info you park this document.

Key points:

  • Debit and credit balances MUST match unlike HOLD document function where it need not match while holding a document
  • System assigns a reference number when you Park a document unlike Hold document where the user defines his own unique reference id
  • GL accounts are not updated/entries are not posted when you PARK/HOLD a document
  • Documents that are PARKED or on HOLD Can be modified/deleted/posted

It works like this:

  • Use any of the GL posting methods: (TC: FB50 or F-02)
  • Enter details as though posting an entry
  • Instead of posting you PARK the entry. Click on the PARK button as shown below:

  • In case the amount is above your posting limit inform your supervisor and if the amount is within your limit but you have parked it for some reason recall this entry and post/delete/modify it)


Transaction Codes pertaining to Park Documents are :

  • FBV0 : To post a parked document: > go to the menu Document-> Post.
  • FV50 : Post / Delete : Single Screen Transaction
  • FBV2 : Change
  • FBV3 : Display
  • FBV4 : Change Header
  • FBV5 : Display Changes
  • FBV6 : Refuse


Additional points:

When you PARK a vendor invoice (F-63) you will notice a check box for “Only transfer amnts in document curr. invoice”. Here is an example to illustrate the difference if this option is checked or left un-checked.

Let us assume that you have a vendor/supplier invoice with EURO balance to PARK and your local currency (Company Code currency) is USD.

Option CHECKED: The EURO invoice is converted by using the current exchange rate and PARKED (not posted).

Option UN-CHEDKED: The EURO invoice is parked with EURO balance.

In both cases if the parked document is posted (say after 3 days) then the system converts it to USD at the prevailing exchange rate and not the previous rate at which the document was posted.



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