Creating GL master record ‘centrally’ using TC FS00

  • SAP user menu > Financial Accounting > General Ledger > Master records > G/L Accounts > Individual processing > Centrally (FS00)
  • Or simply type FS00 in the command prompt/bar and press enter-key


Steps for creating ‘Salary account’ under ‘Administration expense’ which falls under Profit and Loss a/c:

  1. Enter GL Account: (eg: 270000); Enter company code (in our eg: ADFW) and click on the small ‘CREATE’ icon.
  2. You will notice few tabs here: Type/description | Control data | Create bank interest and so on…
  3. Under ‘Type/Description’ tab: for ‘Account group’ select ‘Administration expense’, Tick on ‘Profit and loss’ and Enter the Long/Short Texts “Admin salary a/c”
  4. Under ‘Control data’ tab: Account currency (in our case) is USD, Tick on ‘Only balance in local currency’, for ‘Sort Key’ type ‘001’ and tick on ‘Line item display’
  5. Under ‘Create bank interest’ tab: For ‘Field status group’ type ‘G001’
  6. SAVE



  1. In the above example ‘Type/description > Account group > Administration expense; Here, ‘Administration expense’ heading is not a default option. We had defined it previously during Account Group configuration. Click here to see where this option is defined
  2. ‘Admin salary a/c’ number’270000’ is not any random number. We had already defined number range for ‘Administration expense’ group. Click here to know how we picked that particular number.
  3. In the above example, although there are many other options/selections/tabs I have made only the necessaryselections for creating a GL account. All other options that are not mentioned above can be ignored.
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